Suzhou Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurial Hub for Overseas Professionals

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12 January 2020

In December 2019, the Association for Science and Technology of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province, set up an oshore entrepreneurial base for overseas professionals, located at the EcoKMC Suzhou office. The overseas hub will work to attract cutting-edge tech companies to China in the fields of MedTech and healthcare, clean tech, education, IT, and high-end manufacturing.

The entrepreneurial hub will focus on advertising, identifying innovative projects, and attracting investments. Specifically, it is designed to foster an enriching environment for key foreign industry projects, outstanding startups, entrepreneurs, and incubator projects, and to create a platform to combine science and technology with industry.

EcoKMC was honored to receive this recognition and the opportunity to host the entrepreneurial hub. In recent years, EcoKMC Suzhou has become a preferred venue for companies entering the Chinese market due to its business-friendly policies, access to capital sources, and management services. According to the Association for Science and Technology of Suzhou, EcoKMC Suzhou is leading the way in helping to promote talent introduction schemes for Suzhou. 

The CEO of EcoKMC, Catherine Zhou, believes that this hub will help companies leverage EcoKMC’s rich overseas resources and bilateral business know-how as they enter the Chinese market. This in turn will help Suzhou to build a strong portfolio of advanced technology-focused companies.


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