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EcoKMC Suzhou Accelerator Investment Project Manager

Note: This is a fulltime position located in Suzhou, China


Research and recruit Chinese investors, and act as liaison to establish long-term working relationships with EcoKMC.

Translate English investment project documents into Chinese, conduct project research, and create profiles for U.S. projects.

Organize web-conferences and act as moderator and interpreter.

Organize roadshow events for U.S. startups and Chinese investors.

Present U.S. companies to Chinese investors using PPT presentations.

Guide U.S. companies as they build a presence in China.


EcoKMC is a startup accelerator that helps medical device companies from the U.S. and around the world to launch their products in the Chinese market. The Investment Project Manager will help guide these companies and obtain investment funds to help grow these companies.


In the first year, the Investment Project Manager will bring in five to eight companies for entry into our accelerator, and build an active investment network, with at least one to two startups obtaining investment funding.

The Investment Project Manager will also perform these functions:

Communicate with U.S. companies interested in joining our accelerator, learn about their projects via video conferences and phone calls, and provide updates to the accelerator team on these companies’ technologies.

Translate files from English into Chinese, produce PPTs, and draft business proposals for investors.

Help companies incorporate as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) in China.

Assist companies to communicate with legal services and complete all the initial legal work, as necessary for their WFOE applications.

Assist project leaders to travel to China to participate in our events and meet with investors.

Proactively communicate with our existing Chinese investor network, and actively network with investment companies to expand and build a solid and high-quality investment network.

Continuously learn the interests of investors so as to pair them with suitable projects.

Promote U.S. companies to investors and introduce investors to companies.

Make presentations to investors at various roadshows and events.

Apply to and participate in innovation competitions in Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Organize and host investment club events, and provide updates to the CEO.

Find pilot projects and clinical trials for accelerator companies. 

Conduct marketing research of startup’s technology, specify potential client profile, and identify potential strategic partners.

Reach out to potential customers, and find pilot projects and product trials for these customers.

Collect market feedback, and compose market studies to quantify potential market size.

Apply for government incentives for startup companies.

Work with company administrator to find potential incentives applicable to WFOE.

Maximize government incentives and propose incentives for applicable companies.

Weighted Requirements 

On a scale of 1–10, where 10 indicates the most important requirement:

Fluent in English and Chinese, both oral and written: 10

Good presentation and communication skills: 10

Entrepreneurial spirit with process-based mentality: 9

Ability to work in a team across time zones and cultures: 8

Ambitious and driven, with a can-do attitude : 8

A self-starter, with a proven record of demonstrated initiative: 7

Strong project management skills: 6

Holder of a technical or finance degree (overseas study in the U.S. is a strong plus): 6

Possessing 3–5 years of work experience: 5