About us

EcoKMC Suzhou is the global accelerator of the California financial services company EcoKMC, focused on helping startups from the U.S. and around the world launch their medical device products in the Chinese market.

EcoKMC Suzhou is committed to helping medical device startups navigate entry into the complex Chinese market by providing funding, manufacturing resources, mentorship, and IP protection services so that companies can continue to focus on innovation while expanding with confidence into the Chinese market.

EcoKMC collaborates with various partners in order to seek out the best and brightest innovators among late-stage medical device startups. These partners include:

  • ChinaSF (www.ChinaSF.org), the gateway organization in the San Francisco Bay Area for innovation and economic exchange with China;

For its work in fostering innovation and business development in the field of MedTech, EcoKMC has been recognized by the U.S. ambassador to China and various organizations and institutes. These include:

  • Suzhou Center for International Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

  • Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute;

  • Overseas Innovation Center for the China Association for Science and Technology;

  • Suzhou International Maker Center;

  • Suzhou International Maker Incubator.