EcoKMC on the Move: Supporting Wuhan

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1 March 2020

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan, the epidemic elicited widespread concern among overseas Chinese. As the epidemic spread, there was a critical shortage of medical supplies in China. The California company EcoKMC, which has a Suzhou startup accelerator and which has ties to the Suzhou Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurial Base for Overseas Professionals, organized with partners in the U.S. and China to raise funds and provide supplies to combat the virus in China. 

Catherine Zhou, CEO of EcoKMC, contacted partners and generous individuals to source masks, protection suits, goggles, and other urgently needed medical supplies. With the help of the company’s partner ChinaSF, EcoKMC successfully raised funds and procured equipment. The supplies were then shipped to Wuhan, China through the American Chamber of Commerce. EcoKMC is also committed to following up as the epidemic progressed and has promised future contributions. 


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