2020 "Focus on Suzhou: Win the Future" Innovation Event

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8 April 2020 

The “Focus on Suzhou: Win the Future” event for international talents was held in the Suzhou television center on 8 April 2020. During this event, the “global high-end talents network platform” was officially launched. Lu Xin, the department minister, and Lu Chunyun, deputy mayor of Suzhou, and members of Suzhou’s standing committee attended.

As part of the Suzhou International Maker Incubation Center, EcoKMC was honored to be invited to this event. Organizational department ministers of each Suzhou district delivered speeches that centered around attracting talent to Suzhou. The aim is that Suzhou will import 10,000 “high-end talents” for future development within the next three years. Among these, companies and innovators from around the world should comprise 50 percent of this number.

The “Focus on Suzhou: Win the Future” network platform includes two elements: “cloud recruitment” and “cloud innovation.” Cloud recruitment focuses on job postings, online applications, video interviews, and headhunting services, etc. Cloud innovation is a portal that allows startup owners and investors to communicate via video conferencing. The platform has thousands of registered employers, who have posted nearly 50,000 high-level positions. The cloud innovation sub-platform is overseeing nearly 500 entrepreneurship projects, including 360 overseas projects. Companies from the Netherlands, Singapore, and Sweden have participated in the platform, while companies from China have benefited by connecting with venture capital institutions. 

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