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EcoKMC Suzhou is our Chinese entity wholly owned by EcoKMC LLC, a California company, and we have established a global Medical Device Accelerator focusing on helping U.S. medical device companies (especially late stage start-ups) to enter Chinese market, and our objective is to double the startup’s value by properly building an establishment for them in Chinese market, while making it possible for the U.S. founders to focus on the U.S. startup and U.S. market. 

In the past 2.5 years, EcoKMC has done an excellent job in innovation industry where City of Suzhou, China, honored us with various recognition: 

· Suzhou Overseas Entrepreneur & Innovation Center

· US Ambassador and offshore center for SITRI (Suzhou Industry Technology Research Institute)

· Oversea Innovation Center for China Science Association (Suzhou)

· Suzhou City level Makers space

· Suzhou Internationalized Incubator


IP Protection

IP Protection

CFDA Approval

CFDA Approval

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Distribution Channel

EcoKMC’s medical device accelerator assists partic...

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China Local Team

Our "EIR"s, Entrepreneur in Residence, a...



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Applicants qualification



"Win in Suzhou · Create the Future" International Maker Competition North America Division Final_EcoKMC

"Win in Suzhou · Create the Future" International Maker Competition North America Division Final

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Morning of May 19 2023 "Win in Suzhou, Create the Future" International Maker Competition

Wuzhong District Overseas Direct Tournament (North American Division Final)

At the World Championship Base of Suzhou Wuzhong Technician College



After the start of the 2023 "Win in Suzhou · Create the Future" International Entrepreneur Competition in North America, special promotional activities have been held in the United States, Canada and other sub-stations. Through the American Angel Capital Association, the San Francisco China Office and the University of California, 122 scientific and technological innovation projects were extensively collected and selected by cooperating institutions such as the Irvine Campus and the Oregon Department of Business Development. All of those projects are in line with the "3+3+3" modern industrial cluster orientation of Wuzhong District. Robotics and intelligent manufacturing accounted for 46.7%, the new generation of information technology accounted for 30.3%, and biomedicine and general health accounted for 23%.





These international talents gathered in Suzhou, Wuzhong, competing for the championship crown of the overseas direct competition. Experts were invited to reveiw from the perspective of technical solutions, team strength, five aspects of market potential, economic benefits and development planning, then discuss and communicate with the founders. The winners received a cash reward of RMB 10,000-30,000.

The Winners

First Place

National production of neural network processor chip

Yuan Bo


Second Place

4D millimeter wave radar for autonomous driving

 Zhu Min

New drug innovation system and drug delivery platform using Polysaccharide

 Shi Yikang


Third Place

5G+AR Metaverse Cultural Tourism Digital Platform

 Sheng Ming

Microcurrent Therapy for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

 Christian Kumar

NA-ion battery anode material hard carbon project

Kejun Zhu


Suzhou is open, inclusive, caring and always strive for talents. We sincerely look forward to more innovative and entrepreneurial talents joining Suzhou, and hope that all contestants can learn and understand more about Suzhou through this competition!

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