China Local Team

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Our "EIR"s, Entrepreneur in Residence, are typically held by successful entrepreneurs. Our EIR can lead a small team to make your Chinese subsidiary an emerging company with high growth potential. Our accelerator provides EIR's with working capital to nurture expansion, new-product development, operations, and management.

EcoKMC pairs a Chinese EIR to our American founders. These EIR's can resolve local problems and language barrier, to ensure the survival and developent of participating medtech companies.

Requirements we expect from ideal EIR candidates include: 

1. having rich experience in medical device industry. 

2. passion to achieve entrepreneur dream. 

3. being Curious about new things and new technology.

To maintain a platform of high quality EIR pool, EcoKMC collaborates with orgnizations like the EMBA Health& Medical Association in Shanghai Jiaotong University and MIE graduates from University of California, Irvine.

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