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EcoKMC Suzhou is our Chinese entity wholly owned by EcoKMC LLC, a California company, and we have established a global Medical Device Accelerator focusing on helping U.S. medical device companies (especially late stage start-ups) to enter Chinese market, and our objective is to double the startup’s value by properly building an establishment for them in Chinese market, while making it possible for the U.S. founders to focus on the U.S. startup and U.S. market. 

In the past 2.5 years, EcoKMC has done an excellent job in innovation industry where City of Suzhou, China, honored us with various recognition: 

· Suzhou Overseas Entrepreneur & Innovation Center

· US Ambassador and offshore center for SITRI (Suzhou Industry Technology Research Institute)

· Oversea Innovation Center for China Science Association (Suzhou)

· Suzhou City level Makers space

· Suzhou Internationalized Incubator


IP Protection

IP Protection

CFDA Approval

CFDA Approval

Distribution Channel

Distribution Channel

EcoKMC’s medical device accelerator assists partic...

China Local Team

China Local Team

Our "EIR"s, Entrepreneur in Residence, a...



Applicants qualification

Applicants qualification



Distribution Channel

Distribution Channel

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EcoKMC’s medical device accelerator assists participating companies with building a strong distribution channel with 11 core distributors, most of which have 15 years or more of medical device distributing experience.

This distribution channels includes both Chinese public hospitals and private hospitals, and encompass both the medical and dental fields.

Wu yuehua

  • Ophthalmologist

  • EMBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Chairman of Neng Ming (Shanghai) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 

  • President of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s EMBA Medical and Health Association

  • Co-founder of Qiniu (Shanghai) Health Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Neng Ming (Shanghai) Medical Technology Co., LTD. has extensive experience in NMPA certificate application and distribution.

Jin Yulin

  • Founder of GLYMATE & Duo Jian

  • Started a treading business  30 years ago

  • Moved into the medical device distribution industry, with stakes in a various companies

  • Founded an investment management company with business partners

  • The headquarters of Glymate & Duo Jian, located in an R&D center at Moon Bay, Suzhou, was designed for pharmaceutics, biochemistry, and medical-device production

Zheng Zhixiang 

  • EMBA and medical imaging physician

  • More than 20 years of medical company management and distribution experience. 

  • Successfully increased medical products revenue from tens of millions to billions

  • Founder of Dou Meng Meng (Shanghai) Health Technology Co., Ltd

  • Recognized as a “top-10 professional manager” in 2016

  • Dou Meng Meng (Shanghai) Health Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2015, is a technological innovation company dedicated to the area of early childhood development

Tang Zhongqiu

  • General manager of Kang Lizheng (Suzhou) Medical Co., Ltd, founded in 2006

  • Nearly 30 years of distribution experience

  • Kang Lizheng Medical is located in a 2000 m2 modernized warehouse, the first to use a wireless warehouse management system (RF)

Gu Shaowei

  • Surgeon and founder of Aladdin Medical Device Company

  • Gu Shaowei has 14 years of distribution experience

  • Aladdin Medical Device (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, founded in 2016 and managed by medical education and pharmaceutical professionals, currently holds three types of medical device selling permits

Feng Dongmei

  • Endocrinology physician

  • Founder of An Yuan (Suzhou) Medical Device Co., Ltd

  • 21 years of medical device distribution experience

  • Member of Suzhou University’s medical alumni association

  • Shareholder of five different trading or medical device companies

  • An Yuan (Suzhou) Medical Device Co., Ltd, founded in 2016, is focused on medical device distribution and specializes in selling foreign medical devices

Lin Haiying

  • Founder of Dongnan Medical Group

  • Shareholder in 11 different companies

  • Industry experience in medical, biotechnology, electronic technology, and forestry fields 

  • Dongnan Medical Group, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Xuzhou, China, is dedicated to the business of medical devices and software, R&D, production, and distribution

  • Dongnan Medical Group has R&D centers in Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Shenzhen, and offices in more than 20 provinces

Zhang Shaopeng

  • More than 10 years’ experience in the dentistry medical device industry

  • QA director of a dentistry medical device manufacture and distribution company

  • Familiar with medical device R&D

  • Proficient in medical device manufacturing and supply chain management 

  • Works in cooperation with Kavo, Nobel Biocare, and Ormco, etc. 

Li Yuhua 

  • Founder of Qiu Xing (Shanghai) Medical Device Co., Ltd

  • 19 years’ medical device distribution experience

  • Qiu Xing (Shanghai) Medical Device Co., Ltd, founded in 2014 by hospital professionals, distributes devices mostly to Shanghai hospitals. 

Grace Wang

  • Anesthesiologist and ICU physician

  • Founder of Ren Xin Biotechnology

  • Breathing machine R&D department consultant of an IPO company

  • Skilled in foreign medical device sales and training 

  • Ren Xin (Shanghai) Biotechnology concentrates on importing outstanding foreign medical technology and is managed by medical educational professionals

  • Related distribution fields includes medical imaging devices, patients monitor systems, and monitor devices

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