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EcoKMC LLC, a California financial services companywhich has 3 accelerators in China, 2 of them lie in Suzhou city, Yangtze rive aera, and the 3rd lies in Qingdao City, north China, EcoKMC focuses on Medtech and advanced manufacture. The EcoKMC China team operates the three global accelerators and fund to help abroad companies from the U.S. and around the world (especially late-stage startups) to enter the Chinese market. 


Through the fund and the accelerators, EcoKMC provides startups with well-funded China joint venture (JV) companies that have local government and private-sector support, ensuring that they are well-positioned and protected in the market. By participating in our accelerator and receiving investment funds in China, these JVs can act as offshore engineering and marketing divisions of the U.S. companies, without any effect on the ownership of the U.S. entities. This also allows the startups to offshore work to their JVs, helping companies achieve profitability on an accelerated timeline.


EcoKMC China’s global accelerator is primarily focused on helping late-stage startups companies from the U.S. and around the world that have completed R&D, manufactured devices or prototypes, and applied for or received FDA/CE approval (for example, medical devices). 


Once startups join the accelerator program, they will have access to these five services:


1)     IP protection: EcoKMC works with three partners to ensure IP protection for participating startups:

i)               A prominent U.S. law firm with an office located in China, well versed in Chinese rules and regulations;

ii)              An established Chinese law firm with expertise in IP protection;

iii)             An IP protection center based in Suzhou offering comprehensive IP and administrative services. 

2)     NMPA approval services: EcoKMC has partnered with several contract research organization (CRO) partners including KTTN, a clinical research consulting and medical technology company, to ensure the smooth filing of applications.

3)     Distribution channel: EcoKMC has partnerships with 12 distributors with an average of 10 to 15 years of medical device marketing and sales distributing experience.

4)     Local team in China: We provide Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) as mentors and interim China GM’s to build local teams and guide startups towards profitability.

5)     Investment: EcoKMC offers participating startups the following investment sources:

i)               Our 200 million RMB angel fund, to ensure a smooth entry into the Chinese market with a steady revenue stream;

ii)              Other venture capital funds, to provide additional investments after a startup’s successful launch;

iii)             Local development grants.


For its work in fostering innovation and business development, EcoKMC has been recognized by various organizations and institutes. These include:


·        Suzhou Center for International Innovation and Entrepreneurship; 

·        Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute;

·        Overseas Innovation Center for the China Association for Science and Technology;

·        Suzhou International Innovation Center;

·        Suzhou International Incubator.


EcoKMC collaborates with various partners in order to seek out the best and brightest innovators among late-stage startups. These partners include:


Business Oregon (https://www.oregon4biz.com), an Oregon state business development agency;


ChinaSF (www.ChinaSF.org), the gateway organization in the San Francisco Bay Area for innovation and economic exchange with China;


UCI (University of California, Irvine), where EcoKMC CEO Catherine Zhou serves on the board of the Shanghai chapter of the alumni organization, on the board of directors of Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (https://merage.uci.edu/research-faculty/centers/innovation-entrepreneurship/index.html), and on the honorary committee of UCI Brilliant Future program (https://brilliantfuture.uci.edu/campaign-leadership/);


Angel Capital Association (https://www.angelcapitalassociation.org), a collective of accredited angel investors who make up the largest angel professional development organization in the world.


Why Suzhou, China?

In the next decade, China will be the biggest market for life-science and biotech companies. Suzhou, ranked #6 in GDP among Chinese cities, has put “big health” as its top strategic development priority, which means that pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical services industries are the focus of its development policies. Suzhou and the surrounding areas in Jiangsu Province are therefore on the fast track to becoming one of the largest biotech hubs in China. Suzhou currently has a growth rate as high as 18 percent, and has attracted more than 3,000 biomedical companies with revenues exceeding 100 billion RMB.


In order to accelerate economic development in the biomedical industry, the municipal government has issued a number of measures to incentivize innovation and to improve the industry ecosystem and business environment for entrepreneurs. Suzhou, therefore, currently has the most sophisticated medical device supply chain and manufacturing capability in the country. 


Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) ranks #1 among Chinese biomedical industrial parks, with Shanghai’s Zhangjiang and Beijing’s Zhongguancun trailing close behind. Of the top 20 companies in the global biomedical industry, 10 of them have established a presence in the SIP. 


If you are interested in entering the Chinese market or seeking help, please contact EcoKMC for more information:

Email: info@ecokmc.com or catherine.zhou@ecokmc.com

Tel. or text message: +1.949.424.6070 (U.S.) or +86.1866.257.0100 (China) 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-zhou-b94130

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