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EcoKMC Suzhou is our Chinese entity wholly owned by EcoKMC LLC, a California company, and we have established a global Medical Device Accelerator focusing on helping U.S. medical device companies (especially late stage start-ups) to enter Chinese market, and our objective is to double the startup’s value by properly building an establishment for them in Chinese market, while making it possible for the U.S. founders to focus on the U.S. startup and U.S. market. 

In the past 2.5 years, EcoKMC has done an excellent job in innovation industry where City of Suzhou, China, honored us with various recognition: 

· Suzhou Overseas Entrepreneur & Innovation Center

· US Ambassador and offshore center for SITRI (Suzhou Industry Technology Research Institute)

· Oversea Innovation Center for China Science Association (Suzhou)

· Suzhou City level Makers space

· Suzhou Internationalized Incubator


IP Protection

IP Protection

CFDA Approval

CFDA Approval

Distribution Channel

Distribution Channel

EcoKMC’s medical device accelerator assists partic...

China Local Team

China Local Team

Our "EIR"s, Entrepreneur in Residence, a...



Applicants qualification

Applicants qualification



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EcoKMC Global Medical Device Innovation Park

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21 February 2020


In 2019, the California financial services company EcoKMC started a new initiative, the EcoKMC Global Medical Device Innovation Park project. The focus of this initiative is on helping medical device start-ups to enter the Chinese market. Henceforth, with the Global Medical Device Innovation Park, EcoKMC will be able to provide medical device start-ups not only with financial advisory services but also:

  1. Seed funding for entry into the Chinese market

  2. IP protection services

  3. Distribution channel

  4. NMPA (formerly CFDA) application services

  5. Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) mentors

  6. Outsourced manufacturing services


The Medical Device Innovation Park will host tech companies and startups in an inspiring environment, with access to cutting-edge research, a large network of dynamic entrepreneurs, and established companies in similar fields.


EcoKMC will recruit MedTech companies and startups from the U.S. and around the globe, and invite them to the International Medical Device Innovation Park. The network of resources available at the park will support early-stage entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. 


By the end of 2019, EcoKMC will have finished recruiting the first group of 10 distributors in China, an outstanding CRO partner to assist in NMPA applications, and EIR mentors. Recruitment of startups will begin in early 2020. 

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